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Aphroditi’ s experience next to students from all over the world

Aphroditi is a language teacher who, since the summer of 2018, participates voluntarily in METAdrasi’s educational activities in Athens, by teaching Greek to refugees and migrants. She tells us about her experience next to students from all over the world:

“I have never experienced anything this great in my whole life! Along with my students – who are my friends now – within two hours I can travel from Iran to Ukraine and back to Africa. Knowledge about different civilizations, the elimination of any possible stereotype, two-way establishing of understanding and “breaking” my limits, are just a few of the things I gain every day. My imagination, my flexibility and my adaptability have been broadened. I have more courage and confidence in myself and my abilities”.

Speaking about the strongest moments she has experienced in her voluntary activity, she recounts: “During a class, a student confessed a great difficulty he was going through. Immediately, everyone raised from their seats to hug him, each one telling him in their own language: “everything will be all right, here you have a family”.

When asked how she feels about belonging to METAdrasi’s team, she answered: “In spite of the numerous difficulties, METAdrasi continuously verifies and achieves its goals, because it operates according to specific ideals. I believe that such organisations do not fail, nor disappear after some time. I am very lucky to be a member of METAdrasi and I congratulate all the people who are constantly trying to make things better!”

We wholeheartedly thank all our volunteers for their valuable contribution!

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