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Visit to the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki: “Traveling” in space and time

As part of the new education programme for refugees, implemented by METAdrasi in Thessaloniki since June 2018 with the valuable support of the Municipality of Thessaloniki, an educational visit was carried out at the city’s Archaeological Museum, with great participation of all ages.

School students toured in the museum by watching step by step the history of ancient Macedonia, the campaigns of Alexander the Great, but also the long history of Thessaloniki and of the wider region of Macedonia. “Their questions and interest overcame all expectations”, Dimitris, a volunteer teacher of the programme, notes for students who have been impressed by the cultural findings.

The aim of METAdrasi’s education programme is to teach the Greek language and facilitate the smooth integration of minors into formal education, as well as of adults in Greek society. The programme is fully implemented with the contribution of volunteer teachers, specialized in intercultural education and teaching Greek as foreign language. The goal is for the programme to be continued throughout the school year.

Warm thanks to the Tourist Guides Association of Thessaloniki and Northern Greece for providing the students of METAdrasi with two excellent guides, as well as to the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki for offering free entrance to students and escorts.

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