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Few are aware of the high percentage of victims of torture among the refugees arriving in Greece

Metadrasi - Certification Victims of torture

In some cases, entire families may have been subjected to torture. Maryam and Ahmed from Syria were tortured by extremists, who also mutilated their two-year old daughter, Arwa, because her crying was “annoying” them. 24-year-old Azer from Congo was forced to watch the execution of his father and the rape of his sister.

Sadly, such stories are not the exception, but a considerable part of the cases examined by METAdrasi’s team of experts in “Investigation and Certification of Victims of Torture”.

Since March 2018, with the support of European Commission’s Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid Operations Department (ECHO), more than 150 people were certified in Athens as Victims of Torture, while nearly 1,000 people were certified since the beginning of the activity, in September 2011.

Visit the article of  News247.gr (in Greek)
You may read the text in english here: metadrasi.org/en/pr-victims-of-torture

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