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We travel and discover new worlds with books as invaluable tools

Four years ago, METAdrasi started the creation of a lending library. The first books came from the members of our team, but also from the publishers Metaixmio, Patakis and Anemos, who kindly responded to our request. Soon our collection numbered more than 400 books.

Recently, thanks to significant contribution from Hellenic Book Club and Book Aid International, through Bodossaki Foundation, we managed to further enrich our treasure. Today, our library consists of more than 3,500 books: literature, philosophy, sociology, crime fiction, history, biographies, science, educational, children’s and teenager’s literature, poetry, but also encyclopedias, dictionaries, school books and foreign languages books, in Greek, English, French, German, Albanian, Arabic, Farsi and Urdu. 25 wonderful volunteers, under the instructions of our Education department, organized them, sorted them out and indexed (catalogued) the titles, according to the Dewey decimal system, turning mountains of boxes with books into a beautiful, functional library.

At the same time, we enriched the lending libraries organised by METAdrasi in Lesvos and Chios in the scope of our educational projects.

We warmly thank all of you who contributed to the creation of this special library, that offers inspiration, entertainment and knowledge to our team members and our students who attend Greek language classes.

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