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Accommodation for Single Mothers with Young Children

The enormous need for protection and integration support to refugees and asylum seekers’ vulnerable cases, led METAdrasi to begin a new activity, intended for single parent families.

Initially, METAdrasi created a cozy space in the center of Athens, renting an unused apartment of the Centre for Education and Rehabilitation of the Blind (Ministry of Labor), for which METAdrasi undertook all repair, maintenance and equipment costs. Its capacity is up to 8 people, while the objective is to extend the action, by creating more spaces for the hospitality of other vulnerable groups, such as torture victims.

As METAdrasi is not involved in funded programs for housing refugees and asylum seekers, the implementation of this activity started on METAdrasi’s own resources, and since April 2017 it has the valuable support of the Association for Aid Relief Japan (AAR 3) to cover part of its expenses. The beneficiaries are hosted upon referral by the National Centre For Social Solidarity (EKKA).

METAdrasi supports the importance of making use of empty public buildings, instead of resources being spent on camps or safe zones.

Five mothers with their fourteen children have already found shelter in this apartment.