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Education activities for children on the islands

In response to the acute need for education access on the frontier islands, METAdrasi set up three dedicated learning centres in January 2018 providing structured education activities to children living in refugee camps. From the establishment of these projects until now, more than 4,800 children have benefitted from the educational services provided on the islands.

METAdrasi operates two Νon-formal Education Centres in Lesvos for children residing in Kara Tepe and in Mavrovouni site, as well as one in Chios, for children residing in VIAL RIC.  These centres are located in dedicated spaces outside the hotspots and aim to facilitate children’s smooth integration into the public-school systems.

The non-formal Education Centres in Kara Tepe and Chios operate Monday to Friday, 08.00-16.00; they provide Greek, Mathematics, and English lessons, whilst classes in Mytilene’s NFE centre for students from the Mavrovouni site (Lesvos RIC), operate Monday to Friday, 9.30-15.30 and offer Greek, Mathematics and English classes, whilst homework support is also provided according to the needs of each site. Additionally, METAdrasi implements project-based learning, in order for students to cultivate their social skills with topics including human rights, equality and diversity, recycling, personal hygiene and sexual health amongst others.

During the COVID19 periods of lockdown where circulatory restriction imposed the suspension of live classes, METAdrasi implements distance learning, with hard copies distribution, in order for children to maintain contact with the educational process.

More than 350 school age children benefit on a daily basis from these activities, which are implemented with the support of UNHCR.