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Educational activities for children on the islands

METAdrasi, since Januray 2018, aims at covering the educational needs of children living in camps or hotspots on the islands, by focusing primarily on structured education and secondly on recreational activities.

In this context, METAdrasi initiated the operation of two non-formal Education Centers in Lesvos, for children from Kara Tepe and Moria, as well as another one in Chios, for children from VIAL, in spaces outside the hotspots, so as to enable their smooth integration into the official school system.

The non-formal Education Centers operate Monday to Friday, 9.00-17.00 and deliver mainly Greek, Mathematics and English lessons, from qualified teachers, in properly designed spaces, following mostly the official programme of the Ministry of Education, with additional specialized material.

METAdrasi is also operating a Child Recreational Space outside Kara Tepe, where children have the opportunity to play safely and participate in activities, before and/or after their lessons.

In total, more than 450 school age children benefit, on a daily basis, from these activities, which are implemented with the support of UNHCR.