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Greek Language Courses

Since September 2010, METAdrasi has been active, either through the implementation of ERF projects, or voluntarily, in teaching Greek as a foreign language to asylum seekers and refugees. This activity differs from the usual language teaching methods since it has been specifically designed for the needs of the target group: the courses are intensive and adjusted to the language particularities/abilities of the participants, as well as to their subsistence and integration needs.

The main aim is to achieve fluency in oral communication for beginners (mostly in order to facilitate access tothe labor market) in a short period of time, and to certify proficiency in Greek through the appropriate University exams at anadvanced level. This particular action is implemented in cooperation with the Modern Greek Language Teaching Centre of the University of Athens (an institution with long experience in the Teaching of Modern Greek as a Foreign Language). The cooperating professors, the methodology and the teaching material all come from this particular University Department.

In order to be effective, teaching of a language to non-native speakers should not be isolated from the surrounding social and cultural conditions; therefore, cultural orientation sessions, visits to museums, as well as intercultural activities form also part of the curriculum.

The classes take place
Monday – Friday
from 10.00 to 17.30

7, 25 Martiou Str., 17778 Athens
Nearest metro station: Kalithea Station

Tel: 214 100 8700

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