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Greek Language Courses

Since September 2010, METAdrasi has remained active in teaching Greek as a foreign language to asylum seekers and refugees. Students typically enroll in METAdrasi’s courses voluntarily or through various ERF projects. METAdrasi’s Greek courses use unique teaching methods that are specifically-designed for the needs of its students: courses are intensive and adjusted to the specific language abilities and needs of their participants.

The main aim of this course is for students to establish basic oral fluency (mostly in order to facilitate access to the labor market) in a short period of time. More advanced students may work towards certified proficiency in Greek through appropriate university exams, a program which is implemented in cooperation with the Modern Greek Language Teaching Centre of the University of Athens (an institution with a long history of teaching Modern Greek as a Foreign Language).

In order for language acquisition to be effective, language learning should be integrated into one’s daily life and surroundings; consequently, students also engage in cultural orientation sessions, visits to local museums, and other intercultural activities.

For courses in Athens, enrollments take place on-line by email to education@metadrasi.org, or at METAdrasi’s offices in Tavros (7, 25 Martiou Street, 1st floor, “Kallithea” train station), Monday to Friday 10:00-17:00.

For courses in Thessaloniki, enrollments take place on-line by email to education@metadrasi.org or at METAdrasi’s education centre (76 Egnatias Street, 7th floor, in the center of Thessaloniki), Monday to Friday 12:00-19:00.

The classes take place
Monday – Friday
from 9:00 to 20:00

7, 25 Martiou Str., 17778 Athens
Nearest metro station: Kalithea Station

Tel: 214 100 8700

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