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Celebrating Spring in the Accommodation Facility in Chios

Metadrasi - METAdrasi Chios labor day 6

The work table in METAdrasi’s Transit Accommodation Facility for Unaccompanied Minors in Chios looked like a flower garden, where flowers and branches were placed for the creation of the Labor Day traditional wreaths. The children, gathered around the table, very carefully chose the flowers that would adorn their wreaths, constantly changing color combinations and designs according to their artistic concerns. The stakes for the final result were high as the wreaths were intended as a gift to the neighbors and had to be the most beautiful they had ever received!

After completing the preparations, the children, with wreaths in their hands and masks on their faces, rushed to the neighborhood and started ringing the doorbells to distribute their gifts. Some neighbors opened their doors and gladly accepted the children’s gifts, thanking them for the kind gesture, making their faces light up with joy! And what if some other neighbors did not open their doors or took the wreaths reluctantly? The children wished everyone a happy Labor Day with the hope that next year when they will redistribute wreaths they will find those doors open as well. Because children can still dream and hope for a better tomorrow for everyone and the gifts that each one brings.


METAdrasi’s Transit Accommodation Facility in Chios is funded since June 2020 by EEA Grants in the framework of the Asylum and Migration programme.

Funded by EEA Grants
Fund operated by ΣΟΛ Crowe and HumanRights360

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