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CoLab: the first training of teachers

Metadrasi - metadrasi CoLab

Given the importance of learning the Greek language, but also the value of communities for the empowerment and solidarity needed by people who arrive in an unknown place where they are called to integrate, METAdrasi has been implementing the CoLab program since January 2022. The programme provides support to migrant and refugee communities and organizations that implement or wish to organize Greek language courses for refugees and migrants.

METAdrasi took one more step by organizing the first training of teachers conducting Greek language courses in the refugee and migrant communities in Athens and Thessaloniki. The training entitled “Basic principles of teaching Greek as a foreign language to foreign language adult students”, found a great response. The participants enthusiastically shared the experiences, challenges and practices they follow in the process of training and empowering community members. Through interactive activities and the presentation of up-to-date teaching material, we had the opportunity to exchange ideas and teaching methods.

It was a great pleasure that we had with us at the training the presidents of the Congo-Brazzaville community, the Egyptian Workers’ Union of Greece and the Union of Ukrainian Women in Greece, to talk about their work.

The programme is funded by UNHCR.

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