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Completion of the first courses for the members of “Ukrainian Women in Greece”

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With great success, emotion and enthusiasm, the first courses for the members of the Ukrainian Community “Ukrainian Women in Greece” were completed. The courses were held within the framework of METAdrasi’s support programme to refugee and migrant communities (CoLab).

Our volunteer teacher, together with the community president and the programme coordinator, moved the last lesson out of the classroom, handed out certificates of attendance to the students and renewed their appointment for the resumption of the class in September.

The students, filled with pride for the obvious progress they have made in the Greek language, thanked their teacher, the community that supports them and METAdrasi for organizing the lessons.

We are also filled with pride for them, as well as for all the refugees and migrants who are learning the Greek language and are struggling to stand on their own feet!

The programme is funded by UNHCR.

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