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Conference on migrant and refugee women


The two-day conference on Migrant, Refugee and Asylum Seeking Women and Girls in the Euromed was successfully completed earlier today.

The conference was organised by the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe, in cooperation with the European Public Law Organization and METAdrasi and was supported by the Portuguese government.

“Our team members in the islands, in hospitals, in schools, have heard thousands of stories about women victims of violence – in their countries of origin as well as in the countries of destination. The migration issue is not only a Greek one, it is pan-European and a global one and we need to cooperate in order to find solutions”, mentioned METAdrasi’s president Lora Pappa, during the conference, in which participated representatives of organisations and authorities from all over the world.

Join us tonight, at 20:00, at the “Arts, Culture & Migration” event that we organised in the context of the conference and will take place in Technopolis City of Athens and will be open to the public.

Read the article by CNN Greece in Greek, here.

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