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Distance learning in the 2nd lockdown

The second lockdown is a reality. However, Greek language courses did not stop for a day in Athens and METAdrasi’s educational center. With the valuable experience gained by the whole team during the first lockdown and given the recent developments, our teachers had already prepared their students, both children and adults, with simulations of distance learning digital courses. The result was that from the very first day of distance learning, all students connected via zoom and followed their classes.

As soon as Fatime* read her teacher’s message, she felt relieved. She was ready from one o’clock, seated in front of her computer, waiting for her 2 o’clock class to begin! “All students were looking forward to starting classes because they get bored staying in their homes all day. They were helping each other in a very warm and pleasant mood and the lesson flowed smoothly”, says Nicoleta, METAdrasi’s teacher. While teacher Anastasia adds for the young students of METAdrasi: “The amazing effort of children to participate is praiseworthy. Even if they get confused or find difficulties they don’t want to miss the chance to “meet” their classmates and teachers. They manage to overcome all the technical obstacles proving how powerful motivation they have to learn and progress.”

* The name has been changed to protect the woman’s identity.

▶️ From 2010 METAdrasi provides Greek language courses to adult refugees and migrants, while from June 2017 until today, METAdrasi is carrying out non-formal education programmes aimed at minor refugees and migrants aged 6-18. The programmes provide remedial education (Greek, Mathematics, English, German) for children registered in formal education, as well as Greek, English and German lessons for children aged 16-18, who are not registered in formal education.

📌 Courses registration process is open and is done via email at mkoumianaki@metadrasi.org and ndimitrouka@metadrasi.org

METAdrasi’s educational programmes in Athens for children refugees and migrants are being implemented with the support of Liu Kuo-Chun Educational Foundation, Hong Kong. METAdrasi’s Greek language courses for adults refugees and migrants are being implemented with the support of “Captain Vassilis and Carmen Constantakopoulos” Foundation.

❗️ We warmly thank our volunteers for their valuable support!

Metadrasi - 124554310 3151151048359598 3940074584075192452 o

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