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Metadrasi - METAdrasi Entrepreneurship Nov23 EN

Do you have a business idea and you don’t know how to bring it to life?

Apply to Ready4Business -the Entrepreneurship Program for refugees!

Experienced professionals will help you transform your business idea into a viable business!

Ready4Business is FREE OF CHARGE and offers:

✔️ Information session about the legal and fiscal aspects of the business environment in Greece and possible sources of funding
✔️ Training seminars by highly qualified partners
✔️ One-on-one meetings 
✔️ Legal support
✔️ Fiscal and accounting guidance for setting up the company

Don’t miss your opportunity! Limited spots available

For more information email step2jobs@metadrasi.org or call at 6908091366.

The “Ready4Business” Entrepreneurship Program for refugees is implemented by METAdrasi in partnership with UNHCR.

Metadrasi - METAdrasi Entrepreneurship Nov23 EN

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