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The Embassy of the Slovak Republic supports METAdrasi

Before the end of the year, H.E. the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic Iveta Hricová, invited METAdrasi’s team and in an especially warm atmosphere we discussed the challenges that each one of us faces in their field. We had the opportunity to inform her on the problems that unaccompanied minors encounter in Greece and on METAdrasi’s activities for their support, such as the Guardianship Network, the accommodation facilities – and in particular the facility in Samos, an island with exceptionally hard conditions for refugees – as well as our educational programmes for refugee and migrant children in Chios and Lesvos.

Our team offered little gifts made by the children accommodated in our facilities and the Ambassador highly valued a handmade jewelry.

We would like to thank H.E. the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic, as well as the Embassy’s staff, for their honourary invitation, their special interest on unaccompanied minors and also for their kind donation for the refugee children.

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