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Refugee and migrant children experiment and express themselves through art

As part of the Arts & Culture class, our young students from METAdrasi’s educational activity “Step2School” painted Egyptian murals and created Piet Mondrian style!

According to Eva, our educator: the murals in ancient Egypt used to narrate stories of what people did while they were alive. Therefore, after students concluded that art is narration of stories, they made up heroes and stories, based on the rules of the ancient Egyptians: The figures must be full body. The shoulders and the eye are depicted enface, while the head and the legs are depicted in profile. Many chose to combine present and past, while others bridged cultures, blending ancient Egypt with… Bollywood.

Piet Mondrian: Breaking down the walls. The students tried to apprehend and create art through lines and shapes. Lines are borders, or do they just connect different colours and shapes?
8 years old Mohammad, answers: “I think that the colours match nicely one next to the other, even if they are different. Anyway, I drew with vivid colours, because this is how I feel. And I also drew a shark. Simply because I like sharks”.

“Step2School” is implemented with the support of European Commission’s Civil Protection & Humanitarian Aid Operations Department (ECHO) and in cooperation with the “Open Schools” of the Municipality of Athens, which operates with Stavros Niarchos Foundation as exclusive donor.

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