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Metadrasi - multi ethnic disabled people community with pencils

Fifth round of free training for refugees and migrants with prospects of employment as personal assistants for persons with disabilities

In order to facilitate the access of the refugee and migrant population to the labour market, METAdrasi, in cooperation with UNHCR, launches a new round of the education and training programme “Personal assistants for persons with disabilities”.

The training is addressed to refugees, beneficiaries of temporary protection and migrants – aged 18 and over – and offers them the opportunity to acquire the necessary skills to work in the field of caregiving for people with disabilities. Participants will be assisted to collect the necessary documents in order to complete their registration on the platform of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs as promoted within the framework of the service “Personal Assistant for Persons with Disabilities” (Law 4837/2021) and will receive proper orientation regarding caregiving to individuals with disabilities.

The programme provides:

  • Theoretical teaching and practical training by a certified organization
  • First aid and child protection training
  • Administrative support for registration on the Ministry of Labour platform
  • Additional Greek language lessons to improve the level of the language

Requirements for participation in the programme:

  • A residence permit granting the right to work in Greece
  • Work permit in Greece (if the law provides for its issuance)
  • A very good level of knowledge of the Greek language (B1) will be considered

In order to participate in the selection process, interested parties should fill in the Application Form which can be found at the following link:

Deadline for submission of applications: Monday, 19/02/2024
Please note: Registrations may end earlier if the required number of participants is completed.

ℹ️ For more information please send an email to vgkountinakou@metadrasi.org

The programme is implemented by METAdrasi with the support of UNHCR.

Metadrasi - multi ethnic disabled people community with pencils
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