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Gardens and flowerbeds full of colours

“The dream of creating a garden in our house turned into reality. There are no words to describe the children’s joy”, says Vasiliki, Manager of METAdrasi’s Accommodation Facility for Unaccompanied Minors in Athens.

Giorgos, teacher at the non-formal Educational Center in Mytilene, adds: “Children get excited when it comes to creating things with their own hands. We dug the soil, planted, watered the plants, undertook roles, worked together, learned Greek!”

The children and the staff of our Facility in Athens, as well as in METAdrasi’s Educational Center in Mytilene, combined great enthusiasm and hard work, to create amazing results with colourful flowers and vegetables.

The activity was realized thanks to Lemon Tree Trust, that covered the purchase of the necessary materials (soil, seeds, tools). The special edition “Illustrated Guide to Growing Vegetables in Small Places” of SOILS Permaculture Association Lebanon – of which the translation and adjustment of design in Greek was realized by METAdrasi – contributed to the success of this attempt by helping step by step our young gardeners.

Lemon Tree Trust has been promoting for the last 4 years the social and environmental advantages of gardens and trees and their contribution for a sustainable planet.

We thank everyone for their participation in the activity. Special thanks to Urban Farmers of Athens team that contributed to the realization of the activity in our Accommodation Facility in Athens.

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