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We wish you a happy 1st of May with a very moving story

Metadrasi - chios education metadrasi 7

MΕΤΑdrasi wishes you all a happy 1st of May and shares with you a very moving story of an unaccompanied girl as sent to us by Maria, a member of our team in the Transit Accommodation Facility for Unaccompanied Minors in Samos.

“One day I bought flowers for myself and I also bought 4-5 extra to plant in the Accommodation Facility. I will never forget Nadira’s* joy… A girl so timid, reserved, with permanent sadness in her eyes…
Those eyes opened wide, they lit up, her smile huge!
Taking the flower out of the little pot to plant it, she held it in her two palms, touching its roots with her thumbs… She spoke to it… She spoke to it in whisper and so gently.
She kept talking to the flowers after we had planted them. And in the following days… Some kids made fun of her for it.
Almost crying one day she told me she was being laughed at, for talking to the flowers as if they were her mom… And how can you comfort her in that moment, when your knees are shaking by the revelation of this child-flower relationship… When, even in the memory, all you want to do is hug this child…”

*The girl’s name has changed to protect her personal data.

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