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The lessons at METAdrasi’s HELIOS Integration Learning Center and the support of our students’ children continue online

The lessons at METAdrasi’s HELIOS Integration Learning Center continued online from the first day of the second lockdown. Thanks to the creativity and professionalism of the ILC team, our support of students’ children ages 2-7 who attend the recreational space for children also continues unabated!

The recreational space facilitators communicate with all children on a daily basis sharing ideas on how they can creatively and interactively spend their time at home. Each child’s morning begins with a “good morning song” sent by facilitators and is followed by arts and crafts activity ideas, videos with kinaesthetic games, narrated stories and other online resources.

Throughout this time, the children show great enthusiasm for this continued engagement, interacting with the staff facilitators through voice message and photographs of their unique creations, filling us all with hope and joy.

METAdrasi began operating the HELIOS Integration Learning Centre in January 2020 in cooperation with IOM and with support from the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union.

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