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Humanitarian aid mission in Chios

Trying to respond to deficiencies identified by our team in VIAL in Chios, after consulting with the people of the Reception and Identification Centre and with the valuable support of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, METAdrasi organized a humanitarian aid mission: 250 baby & child care kits (diapers, feeding bottles, clothing, baby milk, etc.) as well as 1000 adult shoes and 1000 socks are some of the items that people who live in VIAL, under difficult conditions, need.

We thank METAdrasi’s team members who undertook the preparation of the mission, and our volunteers who helped in packing and loading the humanitarian material to METAdrasi’s vans and from there to the shipping company which carried out the transportion to Chios. Our team members are preparing to go to the island to proceed with the distribution this week. Stay tuned!

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