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Humanitarian aid missions in Andravida and in Lesvos

About 180 refugees arrived in Kalamata on Easter Sunday, after being found in a boat off Cape Tenaro. From there, they were transferred to the refugee camp in Andravida. 48 unaccompanied children were identified among them. A mission was immediately carried out by our guardianship team which, among other issues, identified the need the children have for footwear. Within a short time, METAdrasi’s team organized everything and shoes were sent. On the same day, 48 boxes of clothes were sent to meet the needs of the people living in the new camp of Kara Tepe in Lesvos.

These missions could not have taken place without the help of the Parents Association of “Pierce – American College of Greece” that took the initiative to collect shoes from parents and students which were sent directly to Andravida, as well as the companies Voyager Hellas and Blue Star Ferries of ATTICA GROUP, that stood by our side once again, transporting for free the humanitarian aid material to Lesvos.

We warmly thank them!

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