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February 21: International Mother Language Day…

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…in honor of the sacrifice of the Dhaka students in 1952, in defence of their mother tongue, Bengali, from being abolished; for the culture, tradition, history that are preserved through a language, that lives and evolves along with the people who speak it.

“Our mother tongue has sentimental value”, declare our interpreters, who facilitate daily communication with refugees and migrants in our country in 37 languages, having offered so far interpretation services to more than 540,000 cases in 30 locations throughout Greece.

The native language of each interpreter bears valuable cultural elements from his homeland. And together, we compose a team where everyone is different, but we all share common values…

Τaκe a look at the e-book “Words and Thoughts from around the world” created by METAdrasi’s team in 2015, in cooperation with AKTO, presenting 72 posters designed based on texts in different languages ​​of the world:

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