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Metadrasi - Interpr woman

Interpreting for survivors of gender-based violence

Metadrasi - Interpr woman

Interpreting is difficult in many aspects when dealing with survivors of gender-based violence. These people bear both visible and invisible wounds on their bodies and in their souls. Their stories disturb. They are people who have endured unbelievable violence, pain and repression. On the other hand, they are strong and full of hope. People who are fighting for a decent life. I would like to believe that in my own way, through my work, I help them, even if in a small way, in this fight,” says Katerina, one of the METAdrasi interpreters who is involved in the programme “Enhancing accessibility to Services for GBV Survivors in Greece through Interpretation.”

This programme provides interpretation services for refugees and migrants who are victims of gendered based violence, its aim being that interpretation will act as a communication bridge, so that the survivors can have access to the different support services available on the mainland and on the islands of Greece.

The METAdrasi team of specially trained interpreters supports women, as well as a considerable number of men, by providing interpretation in the context of psychosocial support and legal aid sessions, in cases of medical examination or hospital visits, even in cases where someone wishes to testify to the police regarding an incident of abuse.

To date, our interpreters have – via this programme – conducted more than 1,250 interpretation sessions in 22 different languages.

This programme is supported by UNICEF Greece.

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