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By joining forces, we accomplish a lot!

The organization Mission “ANTHROPOS” immediately responded to our call to collect humanitarian material for the unaccompanied children who live in particularly difficult conditions at the border, many of them waiting for months until a place in an appropriate accommodation facility is made available. In collaboration with Intersport of Fourlis Group, they sent us 34 boxes full of shoes, linen and other clothing, to distribute to the unaccompanied children who need them so much.

Mission “ANTHROPOS” undertook to transport 10 large boxes from Athens to the closed Center of Fylakio, Orestiada. The remaining 24 boxes were transferred to Piraeus where, once again, Blue Star Ferries transported them for free to Kos. METAdrasi’s teams received the material and were happy to distribute it according to the needs of each child. An unexpected gift for the children who received the shoes and other items with a huge smile on their face. Some of them hesitated to wear the shoes and wanted to keep them brand new, others immediately started wearing them and testing them. Unique moments that make us all think the basic values in life, our real needs, the joy we get from insignificant things that for some people are so important…

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