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V for Vrana: a night dedicated to Katerina Vrana – our team will be there!

Metadrasi - vrana metadrasi

Kindly forward

Katerina Vrana is so much more than just an exceptionally talented artist. At a critical time for METAdrasi and for the refugees, in 2015, Katerina Vrana, as our volunteer, dedicated her time to help organize the humanitarian aid that was collected in order to be send to the islands. We will never forget her participation in the preparation of our first conference for the Guardianship Network, where with her dynamism and inexhaustible humor she transmitted her positive energy to everyone, leaving her mark with her hilarious quotes!

In a difficult time for Katerina, where her health is still being tested, it is our turn to support her. The whole team of METAdrasi will be by her side at the event at Veakio Theater, where 20 stand up comedians will join forces in a unique show dedicated to Katerina.

You may read the full article of parallaximag here.

When: Thursday, June 7, at 21:00
Where: Veakio Theater, Irakliou 13, Piraeus (Profitis Ilias)
Admittance: 15€. Tickets pre-sale via viva.gr
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