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Legal Assistance to Beneficiaries of International Protection from METAdrasi: case Noori*

Syrian refugee Noori has been deprived of his freedom from 9/9/2016 until today, after his request for asylum was rejected as inadmissible, as Turkey was considered to be a safe third country for him. METAdrasi’s lawyers’ team has undertaken Noori’s legal support from the first instance rejection of his claim until his judicial procedures to the national and international courts.

On June 2nd, the European Court of Human Rights notified the Greek Government regarding Noori’s case by asking questions concerning:
1) the detention conditions in the custody of P.D. Mytilene
2) the existence of an effective legal remedies against detention conditions; and
3) the compatibility of the Greek legal framework, regarding the judicial control of detention with a view to expulsion with the European Convention on Human Rights and the existence of an effective legal remedy against the lawfulness of the detention order, in accordance with Article 5 § 4 of the ECHR.

At the same time, the question of whether Turkey is a safe third country for Noori is pending before the Plenary Council of State and a decision is expected.

It is worth mentioning the moving support that Noori has received from hundreds of people who have expressed their sympathy with letters, cards, statements, publications.

*Nickname chosen by himself

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