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METAdrasi’s teams in Lesvos focus on supporting vulnerable groups

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The last group of unaccompanied children from Moria left early this morning. Did the camp have to be burnt down in order to move the unaccompanied children to the mainland? Isn’t this an opportunity, at a time when the European Commission declares its support, to move all the other unaccompanied children from Leros, Kos Samos, Chios and Orestiada, a total of less than 350 children?

Back in Moria, for the second night thousands of people are found without accommodation.

After the unaccompanied children, METAdrasi’s teams in Lesvos focus on supporting other vulnerable groups. We already host the first woman, mother with a baby just three days old! Tonight, we will host another 55 vulnerable women.

The transfer of unaccompanied children to the mainland within 24 hours proved that when there is a will, the State can indeed act immediately and effectively. Now, and with the support of the European Commission, we are given the opportunity to consider and act for the transfer of the other children who have been living for many months trapped in the hotpots on the rest of the islands and in Evros. Now is the time for coordination and cooperation among organizations and entities, but also the time to put aside those who are trying to take advantage of the drama of Moria.

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