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Snapshots from every day life at METAdrasi’s Accommodation Facilities for Unaccompanied Minors

In Athens, Judy is excited about having started dance lessons. Nabeel is making impressive progress at school. Tarek gathered lemons from the trees in our yard and the children made refreshing lemonades! Abet and Sami planted flowers and brought more colour to our yard – everyone agreed that, now that Spring has come, it will be very pleasant to spend time there.

In Chios, Nahead is getting prepared to be reunited with her mother in another European country and she has started learning the language. Izra and Fatime prepared the treats for an unforgettable picnic that they all enjoyed at the beach. Little Kanek absolutely loved Georgia, the famous donkey in the Botanical Garden of the Aegean!

In Samos, Fenia and Lale decorated the house and prepared a party for their classmates, professors and teachers. Yazir was proud that his kite flew higher than all the others. Rania and Salif are teaching the younger ones how to ride a bike. During one of the excursions on the island, Mohamed and Mamadou discovered a secret path to the waterfalls, impressing everyone.

In METAdrasi’s Accommodation Facilities for Unaccompanied Minors more than 380 children have been offered protection, care and support.

Every donation for these children, large or small, is important

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