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METAdrasi inaugurates the newly established HELIOS Integration Learning Centre

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In line with METAdrasi’s long-standing belief that Greek language acquisition is essential for integration into society, we inaugurated, on the 13th of January, classes at the newly- established HELIOS Integration Learning Centre in Tavros. The first students have already enrolled in the ILC, showing their enthusiasm and dedication every day. Students attend intensive Greek classes, which are led by experienced language educators. Students also participate in soft skill classes which are facilitated by The International Rescue Committee, METAdrasi’s partner. These classes cover topics such as cultural orientation, job readiness, and life skills. Parents with children ages 2-7 are welcome to leave their children at the ILC’s recreational space for the duration of their classes.

The HELIOS project aims to support beneficiaries of international protection and works to integrate them into Greek society, offering a variety of services that promote independent living including rental subsidies, integration courses, and employment support.

HELIOS’ Integration Learning Center (ILC) is operated by METAdrasi with the cooperation of IOM Greece and the support of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union.

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