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METAdrasi meets the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Ritsona

Metadrasi - AZ 20240219 30539

“In addressing the critical need for workforce across all sectors, there lies a profound opportunity to support every refugee residing in camps to regain their independence with dignity,” stated Lora Pappa, President of METAdrasi, during the visit of UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, at the Ritsona Facility last week.

Mrs. Pappa guided the High Commissioner through METAdrasi’s facilities, showcasing the programs aimed at Greek language acquisition, and job counseling, and thanked him for UNHCR‘s invaluable support. She underscored the Ministry’s noteworthy initiative to facilitate asylum seekers’ integration into the labor market within a two-month timeframe, emphasizing the urgency in addressing barriers such as access to banking services and social security number (AMA).

Commencing in November 2023, METAdrasi, initially relying on its own resources and swiftly aided by UNHCR, began intensive Greek language courses and job counseling at Ritsona Facility. Within a mere three months, nearly 20% of participants who received support from METAdrasi, successfully transitioned to employment and resettlement outside the camp.

Photos: ©UNHCR/Achilleas Zavallis.

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