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METAdrasi starts classes for adult refugees in Chios and in Lesvos

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It is with great pleasure that we witness adult refugees finally being able to attend the classes that METAdrasi’s team started in Lesvos at the beginning of October and in Chios in July, with exactly the same enthusiasm and diligence that our young students show!

The education of adult students, from the moment of their registration and during their stay in the islands of first reception, is extremely important. It is their first contact with the Greek language and the culture of the host country, while it is crucial for the enhancement of their social and professional skills with the aim of facilitating their social integration.

METAdrasi, recognizing this need, has started providing lessons to adults in the islands of first reception (Chios and Lesvos) with the support of UNHCR and will soon continue to other islands.

METAdrasi, from the beginning of its operation and for more than 10 years, provides Greek language lessons to refugees and migrants. To date, more than 6,310 students have enrolled in the courses.

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