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New Year’s cake

On Thursday 22 March, two days after the Iranian New Year Nowruz, we held a celebration for the cutting of the greek traditional New Year’s cake, in our offices in Athens, together with partners and supporters, Greek language students and unaccompanied children.

This year’s lucky department proved to be the Education & Integration Department, while a teenager greek language student won the lucky coin! Having always carried in our minds our team members outside Attica, we drew a name for the lycky one among our 134 colleagues who could not be with us because of the distance.

We all agreed that last year was particularly difficult, but, once again, we faced the challenges united, and we carry on…

We warmly thank Aktina Travel Group for the courtesy of offering gifts for pie, as well as our team “GREENdrasi” who made sure that our celebratation would not burden the environment by providing alternatives to the use of plastic!

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