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News from the first days of operation of the Dormitory for homeless children

A few days before Easter, we received the visit of Mr. George Stamatis, Secretary General for Social Solidarity & Fight against Poverty and Ms. Alexandra Sdoukou, Secretary General for Energy & Mineral Resources. Entering the Dormitory and seeing the children play Jenga, the two guests spontaneously joined the group and played with the children. The ice broke immediately, while every time a small block came out successfully, the dormitory was filled with laughter and exclamations. When the tower fell, the visitors were given a tour to the premises and discussed with the members of METAdrasi; they heard about the challenges and difficulties and expressed their intention to stand by our side in any way they can.

Easter Sunday came and we decided to share a traditional Greek custom with the children. So, early in the morning, we brought the red Easter eggs. At first the children looked at us with hesitation, but as soon as we taught them the tradition of “tsougrisma”, there was no stopping them: Not a single egg was left! Actually, there was one egg left, that of Yaya, the “tsougrisma” winner. Yaya, along with other former unaccompanied minors that have now reached adulthood and are supported by METAdrasi, was invited to celebrate together with the children of the Dormitory this Easter tradition.

In these first weeks of the Dormitory’s operation, more than twenty children have been hosted and already three of them have made the “passage” from the Dormitory to permanent accommodation facilities.

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