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During the pandemic, unaccompanied minors stay home and show us how to spend our time creatively

Despite the difficult situation that our country is facing due to the pandemic, it seems that there is room for beautiful things to flourish!

The unaccompanied minors residing at METAdrasi’s apartments of Supported Independent Living, with the guidance of their mentors and the support team, managed to register in the Panhellenic School Network and continue to attend their school courses online (Greek, English, mathematics). Their mentors also helped them create their personal email, in order to have access to electronic platforms for informal education and to the useful educational material that was specially designed by METAdrasi’s Education Department.

At the same time, in order to strengthen their positive psychology, children participate daily in various activities inside the apartment, such as music lessons, board games, puzzles, chess, painting, cooking and exercise.

The children have been showing great maturity during all this difficult period and with their responsible behavior they prove to us that we can stay home and spend our time beautifully, creatively and with safety!

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