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Photo Exhibition by GMB Akash «WHY? Children on move»

The photos of the photojournalist GMB Akash give voice to the children-victims of the refugee crisis in the exhibition entitled «WHY? Children on move» from 20/4/2016 to 22/5/2016.

The exhibition is taking place in the main building of Benaki Museum as the result of a collaboration between the Greek non profit organization “Merimna” and the Swiss “Foundation Archives + Production of Contemporary Art” (APCd).

The photographer GMB Akash, with eloquent simplicity and in a direct way, captures the drama of the refugees, with the goal to awaken the viewer to the immense challenges encountered by refugee children who are forced to migrate in search of safety and hope and, at the same time, to advocate for their undeniable right to live a dignified life in a world that recognizes and respects their rights and needs.

Photos printed on paper rolls scattered on the floor, similar to the fate of thousands of children, scattered on the road. Captions freely glued on the wall, describe the stories of these children and their families.

As part of the preparation of this exhibition, GMB Akash visited METAdrasi’s Transit Accommodation Facility for Unaccompanied Minors in Lesvos and took pictures of the children, protecting their identities with sensitivity and inventiveness. In the living room with the characteristic graffity on the background, the children share with us their stories…

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