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Professional Preparation Seminar from METAdrasi’s employment counselors

Responding to the great need of refugees to integrate into the Greek labour market, our employment counselors started to implement – apart from Athens – the Professional Preparation Seminar in Thessaloniki as well as on the islands of Chios, Lesvos, Samos, Kos and Leros. This is a very successful seminar that takes place in the framework of METAdrasi’s “Stepping Stone” Integration Programme.

Refugees are informed regarding the issuance of the required documents in order to work legally, their rights and obligations, while at the same time they are properly prepared for the interview through real work scenarios. The positive feedback from both the beneficiaries and the employers themselves underlines the need to implement similar seminars, which significantly enhance the process of direct and effective integration of people into the Greek reality.

METAdrasi’s Stepping Stone action is implemented in partnership with UNHCR GREECE.

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