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From the protection mask against coronavirus to the mask of Agamemnon

Unaccompanied children of the hotspot of Samos “traveled” to the ancient civilization of Mycenae, using as their “vessel” a container provided by the UNHCR. This fruitful collaboration allows METAdrasi’s Safe Area team to use it to offer classes every afternoon to the children.

On the occasion of the screening of the movie “Troy”, with the use of the Multilingual Support Guide ENTAXEI 2 created by METAdrasi and with the guidance of the Safe Area team’s caregivers, the children did research and learned about the Mycenaean civilization. First, they were divided into two groups: the one found information about the Mycenaean civilization, while the other one did a research on Agamemnon’s life. Then, they prepared a collage, discussed what everyone had found out and in the end, each team presented to the whole class the information they had collected.

What impressed the students the most was the fact that today’s Greek language is based on the Linear B alphabet which was created by the Mycenaeans. They were surprised to discover the roots of the Greek language and its long journey to history.

In the difficult conditions of the camp, the children express their thirst for learning! For learning the history of the Greek language and ancient civilization, the history of Europe, the history of the place where they will live.

Safe Areas are part of MERIMNA project of the International Organisation for Migration (IOM), funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund of the European Union (DG HOME).

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