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Metadrasi - METAdrasi scouts Chios 3

Scouts from Patras visit our Accommodation Facility in Chios!

Metadrasi - METAdrasi scouts Chios 4

It was with great pleasure that we welcomed the scouts of the 3rd Scout Group of Patras to our Accommodation Facility for unaccompanied children in Chios. In the beginning, the children watched them with curiosity, but after learning more about the work of the scouts, they immediately started playing together. Among other activities, the children together with the scouts, using their palms as “brushes”, left their mark by creating a work of contemporary art on the walls of the house, which will remind us that all people are equal and that together they can create wonderful things!

And of course, the scouts’ visit concluded with a football match, in which, apart from the children, the volunteers of the Greek America Foundation – who are these days in the accommodation facility offering their valuable support, like every summer in recent years – also participated!

We warmly thank everyone for their support and the wonderful moments they shared with the children of the accommodation facility.

METAdrasi’s Transit Accommodation Facility in Chios is funded since June 2020 by EEA Grants in the framework of the Asylum and Migration programme.

Funded by EEA Grants
Fund operated by ΣΟΛ Crowe and HumanRights360

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