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Seminar for the Certification of Victims of Torture in Samos


Α training seminar titled “Asylum Seekers and Torture: A Special Vulnerable Group” was successfully completed at the end of September in Samos.

The seminar was organised by METAdrasi’s department for Certification of Victims of Torture, with the support of UNHCR.

The participation was remarkably high, as all the authorities and organizations active in the field were present: UNHCR, the Asylum Service, Reception & Identification Center, HCDCP, PRAKSIS, IOM, Nurses Employment Organisation (OAED), METAdrasi. All 45 participants attended with interest and several expressed the need for similar seminars to be held in other locations as well.

METAdrasi’s trainers include Lawyer Ioanna Babasika, Clinical Psychologist Elena-Olga Christidi and Doctor Agapios Terzidis, all members of the team of experts of METAdrasi’s “Certification of Victims of Torture” activity, with valuable experience in the field.

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