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METAdrasi’s shelter make over

Two members of the Swiss Organization No More Walking, Nadia from Greece and Fani from Spain, worked voluntarily, for a whole month, with love and inspiration, in METAdrasi’s Accommodation Facility for Unaccompanied Minors in Athens, in order to redecorate the space and bring joy to the children.

Initially, they discussed with the children about the way they would like to “transform” their home and all together they set out to change the colors, the arrangement and the decoration. Apart from the space’s renewal, the children acquired a big screen – in order to watch movies and also for educational purposes – toys and other useful equipment, for the choice of which Nadia and Fani took into consideration the personality of each child as well as the importance of team empowerment.

As Vasiliki, Manager of the Shelter, recounts: “The children’s participation in the decisions and changes in their home, gave them great joy! Now, they are particularly strict with anyone that does not take care of their home properly!”

We would like to warmly thank the hundreds of participants and supporters of JustCyclingJustRunning and JustHiking for the great present they offered to the children!

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