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Metadrasi - METAdrasi step2school

“I’m going to METAdrasi, they tell me there!”

Metadrasi - METAdrasi step2school

After a difficult time, students of all ages have returned to the desks! Their joy is great to be back together with their teachers and classmates. Following all protection measures against coronavirus and wearing their colorful masks, they take lessons daily trying to prepare themselves as best as possible for the next day of school.

I’m going to METAdrasi, they tell me there!” she said with the few words she knows in Greek, a 9-year-old student to her 4th grade teacher.

So the little girl came to METAdrasi with homework from school to learn two pages about the Dorian invasion! “We started right away”, says Anastasia, teacher in METAdrasi, “and after two hours she knew how to answer questions like: Who were the Dorians and what is the meaning of their invasion!

Great patience, perseverance and courage showed little Azra*, just like all the other children who struggle every day to learn the Greek language and meet the school’s demands.

From June 2017 until today, METAdrasi is carrying out non-formal education programmes aimed at minor refugees and migrants aged 6-18. The programmes provide remedial education (Greek, Mathematics, English, German) for children registered in formal education, as well as Greek, English and German lessons for children aged 16-18, who are not registered in formal education.

Courses registration process is open and takes place at METAdrasi’s offices (7, 25 Martiou Str., 17778, Tavros), daily Monday to Friday 10:00-17:00 or via email at mkoumianaki@metadrasi.org & ndimitrouka@metadrasi.org.

METAdrasi’s educational programmes in Athens for refugees and migrants are being implemented with the support of Liu Kuo-Chun Educational Foundation, Hong Kong.

* The name has been changed to protect the girl’s identity.

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