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Christos Stylianides’ message on METAdrasi receiving the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize 2019

“METAdrasi has been one of the very few humanitarian actors that the European Union selected and trusted to implement our aid programs for refugees and asylum seekers in Greece. I’ve seen their work on the ground with my own eyes. I could witness the difference that the people of METAdrasi could make to the lives of the most vulnerable, especially unaccompanied children.

Dear friends, in my countless visits to humanitarian crisis around the world, I learned one thing: humanitarian aid should not be only about helping someone to survive. It should be also about giving dignity, giving hope, because this is our moral duty and this exactly what METAdrasi does in Greece and in line with the European Union’s noblest principles and values. Also, in line with the universal humanitarian principles of humanity, impartiality, neutrality and independence”.

We wholeheartedly thank the European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management Christos Stylianides for his warm message, that was screened during the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation’s 2019 Humanitarian Symposium and Prize Ceremony, honoring METAdrasi.

You may find more information on the Humanitarian Symposium and Prize Ceremony, here.

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