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Metadrasi - Metadrasi Computers Lesvos Aug23 1

Summer computer courses by our volunteers in Lesvos and Athens

Metadrasi - Metadrasi Computers Lesvos Aug23 1

Thanks to the valuable contribution of our volunteers, our young students in Lesvos and Athens had the opportunity to attend computer courses throughout the Summer.

In METAdrasi’s educational centres, both in Lesvos and Athens, Computer Labs were put together where young students were presented with the basic functions of word processing. The aim of the lessons was to familiarize students with new technologies and the vast possibilities that digital literacy has to offer.

This initiative was a great success and the students attending showed great enthusiasm, eagerness,  and impatience each time for the next lesson!

The courses took place at METAdrasi’s Non-formal Education Centre in Lesvos and Athens, where lessons are delivered daily to underage students, with the support of UNICEF Greece.


Since September 2021, METAdrasi’s educational activities for minors in Lesvos are implemented in the framework of the programme “All Children In Education”, a UNICEF Greece initiative, co-funded by the European Union and implemented by a number of partners, including METAdrasi.

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