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Metadrasi - METAdrasi Psychosocial Support

Support of students and their parents by METAdrasi’s psychosocial team

Metadrasi - METAdrasi Psychosocial Support

There have been many cases of students and parents attending classes at the Centre for Homework Support and Recreational Activities who, apart from education, need support and guidance with other issues of everyday life. For this reason, METAdrasi has formed a psychosocial team that contributes to ensuring a better quality of life for its beneficiaries by providing for their mental health and social integration.

In the last year, the psychosocial team supported 328 children and their families. More specifically, our team’s contribution included, among other things, referrals for medical exams and assistance in scheduling them, guidance for enrolment in formal education, referrals to professionals for the diagnosis and treatment of learning difficulties and psychological issues, as well as the supply of basic necessities. In addition, its field interventions for the management of children’s behavioural issues in the school community have been equally important.

The team’s interventions have fostered a climate of trust and mutual respect and, above all, they have encouraged beneficiaries to make stable steps towards integration.

The Centre for Homework Support and Recreational Activities operated within the framework of the program “All Children in Education” that is implemented by METAdrasi with support from UNICEF Greece and co-funding from the European Union.

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