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“Supporting Refugee and Migrant Entrepreneurship” information session

On Monday, November 28, an information session on “Supporting Refugee and Migrant Entrepreneurship” was successfully held at our offices. The aim of the session was to inform refugees and migrants about the legal and administrative procedures and requirements for the establishment of any form of company in Greece. The attendees were actively involved by sharing their business plans and asking questions on how to set up a business in our country.

The session was joined by students of METAdrasi who run their own business in Greece. The guest speakers inspired the participants with their stories and encouraged them to follow their entrepreneurial dreams. At the end of the session, an entrepreneurship guide was distributed to all participants.

Following the completion of the session and the evaluation of the participants, ten beneficiaries will receive further entrepreneurship support by the team of METAdrasi.

The project “Entrepreneurship Counselling – Supporting Refugee and Migrant Entrepreneurship” is funded by UNHCR GREECE and is implemented by METAdrasi’s “Stepping Stone” programme, in cooperation with NOSTOS.

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