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Metadrasi - ΜΕΤΑδραση διερμηνεία 1

Suspension of Interpretation Services for the Asylum Service in Attendance of the Disbursement of the 3rd Tranche of the Overdue pre-financing payment

Metadrasi - ΜΕΤΑδραση διερμηνεία 1


METAdrasi welcomes the response of the Secretary General of Migration Policy, Mr Patroklos Georgiadis, with regard to its request for disbursement of the (overdue) 3rd tranche of the pre-financing payment for its interpretation services for the Asylum Service.

METAdrasi, demonstrating its solid sense of responsibility towards vulnerable asylum seekers and refugees, has continued to provide interpretation services without break, despite the long delays in the disbursement of the necessary funds; while informing the relevant authorities in writing and verbally since October 2020 of these outstanding financial issues.

We welcome the fact that the Ministry of Migration and Asylum, realizing the crucial role that interpretation services play in the smooth functioning of the Asylum Service, has responded to our requests. METAdrasi has already dispatched the necessary documents for the disbursement of the said 3rd tranche. In addition, METAdrasi will also dispatch additional documentation for the November-December period, as requested following our communication yesterday. We do hope that the disbursement of the overdue amounts to METAdrasi shall be realized without any further delays.

Read the announcement in French, here.

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