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Metadrasi - Vagiochori 3

Teaching Greek in the accommodation facilities of Northern Greece

Metadrasi - Vagiochori 3

Every morning, at exactly 9 o’clock, the first bell rings in the accommodation facilities of Diavata, Vagiochori and Polykastro for their adult residents. METAdrasi’s “students” take a seat at their desks – some even for the first time in their lives – and the lessons begin!

The Greek language classes are an initiative of METAdrasi, aiming to provide a significant tool for the empowerment and training for the residents of the facilities throughout their asylum examination process. Our students embraced this activity with enthusiasm and have not missed a single course, taking pride into exchanging their first words in Greek, which fills their teachers with immense satisfaction.

METAdrasi’s educational activities for adults are implemented with the support of UNHCR.

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