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METAdrasi’s team members learned techniques to reduce stress

We warmly thank Arche Suisse Beyond Borders team for coming to Greece to voluntarily offer their support to METAdrasi’s team members who are psychologically burdened by the huge refugee needs and problems that they face on a daily basis in the field and at the offices in Athens.

“Εveryday life in the field is so demanding that I feel that what I do is never enough. We keep trying to offer support to as many fellow people who need us as possible”, told us a member of our team. “Even though we finally always manage to surpass our goals, it gets often hard for me to handle the tension”.

The stress management workshops and the individual sessions in Lesvos, Chios and Athens aimed at reinforcing our team members, by teaching them simple techniques to reduce their stress level, so that they can discharge the psychological burden and gain energy and positivity.

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