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Metadrasi - Metadrasi School Interpreter

The interpretation programme in schools continues

Metadrasi - Metadrasi School Interpreter

“Interpreters are invaluable to us. Every day I see my students making progress thanks to their help, and I can also communicate with parents who don’t speak Greek,” says a primary school teacher.

For one more school year, METAdrasi’s certified interpreters are called upon to facilitate communication among teachers, students, and their parents, effectively supporting the integration of children into public school.

Since 2021 and until today, they have carried out more than 2,400 interpreting sessions in 26 different languages, in 294 schools throughout Greece (Attica, Thessaly, Macedonia, Epirus, and the islands).

METAdrasi’s activity “Interpretation for Education” is implemented in co-operation with the Minstry of Education, and operates within the framework of the programme “All Children in Education”, a UNICEF Greece initiative in collaboration with the Ministry of Migration and Asylum, co-funded by the European Union, and implemented in collaboration with a number of partners, including METAdrasi.

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