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The loveliest meeting at our Educational Center in Athens

The loveliest meeting took place yesterday outside our Homework and Creative Activities Center in Athens: the warm embrace of the social kitchen “O Allos Anthropos” (The Other Human) welcomed students of the 4th High School of Galatsi, unaccompanied children staying at METAdrasi’s Supported Independent Living apartments, as well as students of our educational center.

All the children chopped the ingredients together, poured the spices and stirred the ingredients using the “paddle of hope”. While the sauce was being made, Konstantinos Polychronopoulos told the children the story behind the paddle, the famous “paddle of hope”, which was gifted to him by rescued refugees in Lesvos.

In the end, after they had added the pasta, they all enjoyed their meal. Amidst chatter and laughter, the pot of “O Allos Anthropos” provided children with the chance to come together and in one big, lovely celebration.

METAdrasi’s Homework and Creative Activities Centre in Athens, operates within the framework of the programme “All Children In Education”, a UNICEF Greece initiative, co-funded by the European Union and implemented by a number of partners, including METAdrasi.

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